Charging made easy.

Forget complicated charging. With ChargeNow, charging your BMW i, BMW iPerformance or MINI is a piece of cake. You can use every ChargeNow charging station any time and pay without using cash.


Ordinary Charger

Especially over night, but also during the day, you can charge your car efficiently. AC charging stations have a higher output than your household outlets and can charge your battery in just a few hours. This type of charging station is marked with the abbreviation “AC.”


Rapid Charger

When you really need to charge quickly, that’s when the DC quick charging stations play to their strengths. While you go shopping or dining, your vehicle’s battery is charged quickly. A charging operation takes between 20 and 30 minutes. This type of charging station is marked with the abbreviation “DC.”


Approved By BMW i Standards.

All ChargeNow charging stations comply with our high standards. And not just concerning charging. They are regularly inspected and always up to date. Are they really publicly accessible or is there a new construction site? Are they working as they should in all respects? We help making your life easier.

How You Can Access ChargeNow Charging Stations.


Your ChargeNow Card: The Key To ChargeNow Charging Stations

Simply unlock the ChargeNow charging station using your ChargeNow card and start charging. This makes charging your battery as easy as refueling your tank. Do you remember what it was like?


Always By Your Side - The Occasional Use Cable

Would you like to charge flexibly when you are at a friend's? Then the occasional use cable is the perfect fit.

Additional Services


Charging at Home with the BMW i Wallbox Pure

With the BMW i Wallbox Pure, you can comfortably charge your battery in 7-8 hours (depending on battery size). The delivery, installation, and set up is done by a specialist (installation charged seperately).

Locate Charging Stations

Find the nearest ChargeNow charging station – right in front of your door, on your way, or at your destination.

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How It Works

Where is the nearest ChargeNow charging station? How do I use it? And how does payment work exactly?

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